Breaking-Australia knocked out Uzbekistan in the penalty shoot out | Australia 0-0 (p. 4-2) Uzbekistan Asian Cup 2019

Australia advanced to quarter final of Asian Cup 2019 knockig out Uzbekistan in the penalty shootout. In the 90 minutes of game both the teams couldn't utilize the big chances. 30 minutes extra time was added to make the clear best one but neither the teams scored.

Australia defeated Uzbekistan on penalty shoot out, Asian Cup 2019

Match went to penalty shoot out at the end. Australia won the penalty shoot out by 4-2. The first penalty ball scored by  Australia, and Uzbekistan also scored and levelled the score line.

When Australia man missed the second one, Uzbekistan had hopefully thought about the dramatic win. But they also failed to score. Third ball scored by both the teams but Austalia lead at the 4th ball after Uzbekistan failed to score second time.

Uzbekistan keeper had to stop last ball to make a still chance for comeback on the penalty shootout but Aussi man destroyed and defeated Uzbekistan by 4-2 on the penalty shoot out.
Full time Australia 0-0 Uzbekistan (4-2 on penalty shootout)

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