0.13 Version PUBG Mobile | Good news for Nepal

PUBG Mobile version 0.13.5 is released on July 16,2019. Latest PUBG Mobile update contains more features. It's a great news more Nepal also because PUBG Mobile team consider high ping issue for Nepal and try to make more smoother. 

Now Nepalese players can play PUBG Mobile at green ping betweem 70-100 MS. Before this update,Nepalese players hadnot get constant ping which varied from 100-120 MS sometime and upto 400 MS other time also.

What's new on PUBG Mobile latest update 0.13.5?:

First thing you need to know is 'Update' starts from July 16-22 and you will get parachute trail and BP 1888 after updating.

Here are some new things on PUBG Mobile 0135 update:
  1. New weapon PP-19 is added which contains 53 ammos of 9mm. It's submachine gun like scorpion with damage equals to 35 and firing rate is equivalent to UMP9. It can be equipped with red dot, Holographic sight and also the scope upto 6x. It will be available in Erangle and Vikendi map.
  2.  TDM Custom room TPP mode is enabled which was FPP mode only before.
  3. iOS player can now download game map and features on background. 
  4. HDR, higher frame rate option will be available for high end devices.
  5. RP protection cards are available for tier below Crown which will not deduct any rating (points) when card is active.
  6. PMCO event theme and songs will be available on  pubg mobile  main menu.
Other bug fixes:
  • Deathmatch lag and bug fixed.
  • Ranking rating fixed.
  • RP daily mission notification bug fixed.
  • Other bugs fixed.
Beside these, many changes will be appeared on the game like visual effect improved, Mythic outfit  will be shown, southeast region and US region are coming, etc.
You can visit PUBG Mobile page to know all upgradation made by PUBG in update 0.13.

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