How to Nepal Telecom (NTC) GSM

Hello! Guys, here you will know about Nepal Telecom's active features and offers for customers. All active features and it's procedures to activate,  are given below:

How to recharge balance on NTC ?
To recharge balance on your ntc phone, scratch the recharge card pin and dial
*412*<recharge pin numbers>#    
Example: *412*012345.......6789#   or, 
dial 1415 and follow the instructions.
Balance transfer from NTC sim to NTC Sim:
This feature is available only on GSM Prepaid simcard.
To transfer balance, please dial this number: *411*Security Code*mobile number of receiver*amount#
Note: Security code of simcard will be found in NTC simcard board that is provided you while purchasing.

Data Pack in NTC and Check Data/MB remaining:

You can activate Data MB pack, voice pack, sms pack and other many features in NTC phone by dialing *1415#
To check your data left/ MB remained, dial *1415*55#

Take Loan/Credit in Nepal Telecom Prepaid GSM: 

To take loan in the emergency case, go to your message box and type <Start> and send it to 1477.
NTC Credit has no boundary but depends on how loyal you are. It will deduct your credits on next recharge.

You can send <Status> to 1477 to check your total spent loan balance,

 and send <Stop> to stop  more credit/loan balance.

This feature is available for free of charge once after your sim card age becomes more than 3 months.

More features updating...

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