Who will win the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan in Upcoming Local Election 2079?

56 candidates are appearing in the Mayor post of Kathmandu Metropolitan City for Upcoming Local Election 2079, Baishakh 30. Keshav Sthapit from CPN-UML, Srijana Singh from Nepali Congress, Samikshya Baskota from Bibekshil Sajha Party, Madan Das Shrestha from Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RaPraPa), Balendra Shah (Balen) as an independent are the top candidates of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in 2079 Election. 

Kathmandu Mayor Candidates Election 2079
Kathmandu Mayor Candidates Election 2079

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Who can be the New Mayor of Kathmandu? You can vote below which is just an online survey. 

Candidates of Kathmandu Metropolitan City/ Y 

1) Keshav Sthapit 
CPN-UML (Ne Ka Pa Emale)
Election Symbol: Sun (Surya) 

2) Srijana Singh 
Nepali Congress 
Election Symbol: Tree (Rukh) 

3) Samikshya Baskota
Bibekshil Sajha party
Election Symbol: Weight Measuring Scale (Taraju)

4) Madan Das Shrestha 
Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RaPraPa) 
Election Symbol: Hand Plow (Jotne Halo) 

5) Balendra Shah 
Independent Candidate 
Election Symbol: Stick (Lauri)

6) Other Candidates (Political parties or independents)
If you think other candidates except above 5 can win the Mayor post you can vote also. 

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Disclaimer/ Note: 

This is an online poll/survey only. The poll results is the result of public votes who come here to vote from online only. Any leading candidate or trailing individuals in this poll shall not be impacted on the upcoming election. So citizens of Kathmandu should vote wisely during election. Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal, so all the people are very excited to know who will be the New Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan. So everyone has an eye on the upcoming local election, Baisakh 30, 2079 B.S. If any logos or information are inaccurate please contact me from contact section. 

Thank you. 

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