How to earn money online in Nepal

How to earn money online in Nepal

I have included the most commonly used and proven methods used by the people in Nepal who are earning regular money from the internet. The list will be updated with time as I discover more methods that actually work.

1. Earn money from Facebook and Youtube
2. Freelancing
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Sell Fiverr Gigs Google
5. AdSense

1. Earn Money from Facebook/YouTube in Nepal
We all are on Facebook and YouTube. I have been asked a few times “How do I make money from Facebook and YouTube in Nepal?”
From Facebook:
Create a page. You can create the page on Travel, Humor or Anything. Grow up an audience and keep your audience engaged on your page. When you have page followers of above 50K you can sell it. Earn money from Facebook Nepal, you can reach out to local stores and offer them an advertising deal through your page. Let’s say you have an engaging page with 50 thousand followers on your page that provides information about different places of Nepal. You can contact the hotels, cafĂ©, resorts, etc. around those places and offer them some advertisement deals on your page. You put up a post on your page pitching about their services or offers and you get paid for that. You can also use this method with Instagram and Twitter. You can charge your clients for a shoutout or a tag on if you have an Instagram accounts with big followers.
Remember: You need to have an engaging audience base. No one wants to spend money on services that do not give anything in return. Recently, Facebook has enlarged Facebook Instant Article to monetize with Android Apps, IOS Apps, and Websites in any pages.

From Youtube:Create a channel. You can start with anything that you know about. Nepali Guitar Lesson, Song Cover, Dance cover, Prank videos, Reviews or video logs are different ideas that you can start on YouTube. When you have a decent number of followers you can put up some advertisement deals with local businesses. You can promote your client’s business in your videos. Youtube monetization in Nepal. These are just the basic ideas that work. With time you will learn how to move your game to the next level. But please don’t expect this to happen overnight. It takes time and effort to build up a solid fan base and you need to be super active to run your page or channel. Eventually, you can sell your accounts as well if you wish to. When there is Youtube there is AdSense.

2. Freelancing jobs in NepalProfessional with a particular skill set can work as a freelancer on various projects and get paid for the services they provide. Most of the professionals from Nepal provide freelancing services like Web and Graphic design Programming Writing (E-book, articles, blogs) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Editing Working as a freelancer doesn’t guarantee you good money until you can win high paying projects or clients under your belt. And this doesn’t simply work even if you are on the popular freelancing websites. It takes some time to establish you on those platforms. You need to build a strong profile with positive reviews and portfolio rendering the time. Below is the list of top sites where you can offer your services as a freelancer.
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork 
  • Toptal 
  • Peopleperhour 
  • Fiverr 
  • Guru 
  • iFreelancer 
  • Microworkers 

3. Affiliate Marketing

You can earn online with Affiliate Marketing in Nepal. You can make money with affiliate marketing by promoting the products or services of a business. You, as an affiliate, are promoting the services or products of the Merchant. Business: Also known as Advertiser whose products or services you will promote Affiliate: Also known as Publisher who promotes. Affiliate networks that connect merchants with affiliate site publishers Affiliate marketing can take place in these methods. You get a commission when a purchase is made through your site. Affiliates earn a commission when a specific action is taken by the referral or lead. Some of the common actions included in this method are clicks, impressions, form submission, sign-ups etc. Below is the list of some of the popular affiliates programs that you can start with.
  • Clickbank 
  • E-junkie 
  • Amazon Associates 
  • PayDotCom 
  • Commission Junction 
  • JVZoo
4. Sell Fiverr GigsI use fiver for different purposes and believe me is one of the interesting sites you will ever find. You can put up a gig (service) on your account and make some money. Fiverr for part-time work Nepal. You can offer your writing, designing, programming, video editing, SEO and various other services. The thing that I like about this platform, there are different types of services that you can provide and in return make some cash out of it.

5. Google AdSenseThis is one of the popular and most used techniques to make money online in Nepal. AdSense program is also the primary source of income for many bloggers and Internet Marketers around the world. You can signup for the AdSense program and earn money by placing ads on your website. So we can earn some money from Nepal and then cash that out.

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