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I am Dikpal KC and I am a blogger, Youtuber and besides, I am a Civil Engineer. I am very crazy about the internet although being a civil engineer. So I have started own website and aided many people as I can do.
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  1. Hello Sir,

    I found you answering in a Quora Page about Google Adsense Account.
    I've created a blog on 2012 but haven't created any adsense account for the blog, Some days before I tried to create an adsense account and it says My Account is disapproved due to the duplicate account. After sometime I found another Admob account was created with another gmail account "pais*****@gmail.com", and I've never created such an email. I've no access to that account now.

    Finally, I tried to remove admob account and confirm I've deleted the duplicate account on the adsense login page. Now If I login to Admob account, It shows that I've duplicate account, and same thing on the Adsense Page.

    Now my questions is, Can I create an adsense account with my another account? Is there any way to create adsense account with the same account I've created a blog? Waiting for your reply.

    Thank You Very Much in Advance !!

    1. Hello,
      Duplicate account problem generally occurs due to matched address and mobile number used during signup process.
      I suggest you to use different/unique mobile number and address while filling up the Adsense application.
      Adsense doesn't allow a person to use multiple accounts. Admob is just the app form and works with Adsense. When all adsense-sign-up filling boxes are appeared,then fill it with unique number. If you use current number, adsense will detect that as a duplicate account.


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If you need anything to ask, Comment below:

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