Does YouTube strike or termination affect AdSense account?

 YouTube Copyright and Community Strike Guidelines 2021

Does YouTube strike or termination affect AdSense account?

A Copyright  Strike on YouTube channel does not affect  your Adsense account. However, it may affect the monetization status of your YouTube channel. After a week of Copyright Strike in your channel, Monetization will be disabled. After 90 days, you can again re-enable the monetization of your YouTube channel.

At what case your YouTube Channel be terminated?
Your YouTube channel be terminated only if you get more than 3 copyright strikes. Also, repeated community guidelines strikes due to Spam, Scam, Fraud, misleading content, sexual and harmful contents lead to temporary strike or direct termination your YouTube channel. 
What can I do if my YouTube channel gets terminated?
If your channel gets terminated, you can appeal YouTube team to reinstate your YouTube channel following the email of account termination. 

If your account gets strike and if you think it is fake strike then you can contact them (Who gives you a strike) to retract the claim.

Copyright case is very sensitive thing. Nobody can give strike to any creator if their content is unique. And nobody  should not use, modify other contents. Else the final case will be solved LEAGALLY. 


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