Fix OBS Studio and Streamlab OBS Black Screen in Display Capture or Game Capture

How to Fix OBS and Streamlab OBS Black Screen in Display Capture or Game Capture?

Hello guys, if you are using Streamlab OBS or OBS Studio to record/stream your video for Youtube, Facebook, Twitch etc. then you may face somehow the black screen problem. I am writing this article which may surely help you.

Window Capture, Display Capture or Game Capture displays a black screen in OBS Solution

I searched for the solution on Youtube, and Google when I was in the same problem, but couldn't find the right solution.
Finally, after long research, I am able to solve this problem. Running your OBS Studio or Streamlab OBS as Administrator is NOT THE PERFECT SOLUTION, which is recommended by several people in google and youtube videos.

So let's solve this problem quickly and resume your work on OBS.

Why does this problem occur?
Black Screening problem in Streamlab obs or obs studio occurs due to the change of graphics setting to run the program. If you have Nvidia Graphics on your computer then it may disallow to run the screen capture and game capture perfectly.  Change in setting may occur due to windows and software update on your pc/laptop.

Steps to Solve the Black Screen/windows in Stream Lab OBS/ OBS Studio:

  1. Right-click the mouse on your desktop and open NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Click on the 'Manage 3D Setting' inside the 3D Setting on the left side of the NVIDIA Control Panel window.
  3. Click on the Program Setting 
  4. Customize the Streamlab OBS or OBS Studio from "1. select a Program to Customize" If you don't find the Streamlab OBS or OBS Studio on the program list, then you can add program manually from "ADD" button. 
  5. Below in number 2, you can edit the Graphics Processor for that program, and select the last one "Integrated Graphics"
  6.  Apply it and run the OBS. 
Black Screen Streamlab OBS Solution

I am sure that your problem will be solved else comment down below. 

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