Boating Precaution for Lakes in Nepal

Hello, welcome. Nepal is wonderful country in the world with lots of natural diversity and cultural variation. Nepal is the 2nd richest country in the world in water resources. Many rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, falls etc are found in Nepal. People use the water course for crossing two ends or for enjoying in the water bodies. Since Nepal has very big rivers and lakes, boating is a favourite way to cross the rivers and lakes, and also playing, fishing, and entertaining in rivers and lakes etc. Rivers of Nepal basically used for rafting than crossing by boats. How ever, boating is possible in big rivers like Sapta Koshi, Karnali, Gandaki for fishing, crossing and entertaining.

Nepal's biggest and favourite lakes are Rara lakes, Phoksundo Lakes, Fewa lakes, Begnas lakes, Tilicho lakes etc. Nepali and foreign tourists mostly visit these lakes and boating is the favourite way to view the whole surrounding and nature.

However, the accidental cases are also increased with the increase in visitors in the lakes of Nepal. Human cannot survive in the water because of stop of breathing if sunk into the water. So , If you are new visitor planning for boating in Nepal lakes then following precautions should be done:

1. Understand the Local weather condition:

If you are planning to go for boating then first thing you need to know is the local weather condition and forcast. Winding and raining are the bad aspects for boating in Lakes in Nepal. If you are planning to boat Fewa and Begnas lakes of Pokhara, Kaski Nepal, then you must be more careful in summer/rainy season, because climate of Pokhara varies so quickly with in half to one hour. Local authority will also help you about the possibility of boating so you neednot be worry about it but you must care of it yourself too.

2. Condition of Boat:

Boat should be water proof, balanced, and light. Always choose the better boat. Leeakage is the worst  thing because boat can sink into water if there is leeakage due to  storing water while boating.

3. Always  Wear a Life Jacket:

Life jacket is your new life weapon jacket. If your boat suddenly turned over, you can float in water with the help of life-jacket with simple movement of hands and legs. Rescue team also able to help if you wear the life jacket. It is not necessary either you can swim or cannot swim, but it is compulsory to wear a life jacket. You must wear life jacket properly with closing all buttons. Some people keep the buttons open while boating but is the bad habbit. Keep in mind that your bad time may come at any moment of your llife. So don't make any risk on your life.

4. Your position and Movement:

The major  accidents in lakes of Nepal are occuring due to change in position and movements while being in boat. Recently, at least 7 people killed in Begnas lake because of a child throw a bag into water and a man jumped into water to bring the  bag back but whole boat collapsed.  So, you must be care while being in boat. Once I was trying to stand up in the  boat in Phewa lakes, the boat came in wavy form aside and nearly turned over. It is because of change in Center of mass of the boat. Boat floats in water in the principle of physics. So be careful with your improper movement and position. Collaps may occur while taking photos, posing while taking selfie, trying to touch water, standing, changing seat etc.

5. Learn to swim:

If you can swim in water then it is surely the powerful skill you have gained. If boat suddenly turned over then you can normally escapes and floats in water and rescue team can easily get you. Swimming skill with the life jacket is more powerful weapon to survive so don't say and act like you don't need life jacket although you are swimming master. If the boat turned over in deep mid lake then you surely faced problem although you are swim master. Morever,  Fewa lakes, Begnas lakes are covered with large water bushes and runners so swimming in these lakes are difficult too.

6. Use an assistance skipper or Boat Master:

All people don't know how to cross lakes or river with boat. Until you don't have knowledge of boat coarse then it is hard for you to move the boat from one place to place. Your boat can incircle in a point if you don't know how to move a boat or drive a boat. So you need an assistance or boat master if you don't know the boat knowledge.

7. Avoid alcohol and drugs:

Don't go for boating if you had drug and alcohol. If you cannot balance your body yourself how could you balance the boat? So be careful, a small mistake of you, can hurt you or your family for long lasting.

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