Difference between domain and hosting | what is domain, subdomain, links, urls, addresses, hosting?

Hello, welcome everyone for this exciting blog article. This article gives the information about the domain, subdomain, Links or Urls, hosting, and their correlation.

Every links or URLs that runs a unique home page of a site is called domain. For example: google.com, dikpalkc.com.np, youtube.com, bitcoin.com etc. In this world there are billions of domain names. I have at least of 5 domains. Other single or business  individuals may have many more domains. So there is no record of how many domains are registered in this world. Domains are always unique. There is a certain algorithm updated by all domain name provider companies  so that no two people can register single name domain. So domain are always unique and non repeataing.

Subdomains are the specific pages of a domain name for different functions. For example: mail.google.com is for your email box of google account, likewise;  account.google.com, map.google.com etc all are subdomains of domain name google.com.

All domains and subdomains are URLs or links but all links and URLs are not the domain or subdomain.

Any addresses that runs on web browser are links or URLs.

You have to run your website or blog into the real internet world which is done by hosting. Hosting helps how to appear your site in the real world.

Domain and Hosting are two wheels of a cart.
Example of hosting: Blogger hosting,  Wordpress Hosting, wix hosting, namecheap hosting,go daddy hosting, custom hosting etc.

Hosting stores all your data and records you write on your site.

Blogger hosting is free and popular  hosting site because you don't have to pay for it.

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