PUBG Mobile Weapons Damage: Which gun is best?

Which shotgun is best in PUBG Mobile?
All the shotguns have higher damages and knock out the enemy with 1 shot, but it is difficult to target and also not a good option for aiming long distance in Pubg Mobile.

Best - worst guns in Pubg Mobile | Which is the best gun in PUBG

If you have to choose better shotguns, then the following priority should be considered:
  1. S686
    1 shot damage-216
    Time for fire-0.2s
    Damage per second- 1080
    Gauge Capacity-2
  2. S12K
    1 shot damage-198
    Time for fire 0.25s
    Damage per second-792
    Gauge Capacity-5
  3. S1897
    1 shot damage-216
    Time for fire -0.75s
    Damage per second-288
    Gauge Capacity-5
All the above three shotguns kill an enemy with one shot if you aim it on head or chest. So all are better. But, if you are in the crowded area, then you have to consider with shotgun's gauge capacity.  S12K and S1897 can hold 5 12-gauge bullets in full reloads. But, S1897 fires one shot in 0.75s so S12K is preferred than S1897.  S686 has the best damage per second so you can choose it but it can fire 2 shots in one fully reload.

Which Sniper Rifle is best in PUBG Mobile?
Obviously, AWM found in AirDrop Supply is the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile, however, the fire rate time of M24 is less. Win94 fire rate is least among all sniper rifles.

  1. AWM
    1 shot damage-120
    Time for fire-1.8s
    Damage per second- 65
    Magnum Capacity-5
  2. M24
    1 shot damage-88
    Time for fire-1.8s
    Damage per second- 49
    Ammo Capacity-5 (7 on extended)
  3. Kar98k
    1 shot damage-75
    Time for fire-1.9s
    Damage per second- 39
    Ammo Capacity-5
  4. Win94
    1 shot damage-66
    Time for fire-0.6s
    Damage per second- 110
    Ammo Capacity-5
Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)
  1. Mk14 
  2. SLR
  3. SKS
  4. QBU
  5. Mini14
  6. VSS
Assault Rifles and LMG Ranking (Based on damage per shot):
  1. DP-28
  2. Groza
  3. AKM
  4. Mk47 Mutant
  5. M762
  6. M249
  7. M16A4
  8. M416 or AUG A3
  9. QBZ
  10. Scar-L

    However, M249 is the best for killing an enemy faster. Ranking based on less time to kill is: M249>Groza>M16A4>M762>AUG A3>M416>QBZ>Scar-l>M47>AKM>DP-28
SMG Ranking based on Damage per shot:
  1. Thompson SMG
  2. UMP9
  3. Vector
  4. UZI
SMG is good for the close target. The recoil of SMG is lesser than AR.
Pistols Damage:
  1. Sawed-off (knocks in 1 headshot)
  2. R1895
  3. R45
  4. P1911
  5. P92 (Red dot can be equipped)
  6. P18C (Auto)
  7. Scorpion (new, auto)
  1. Crossbow (knocks the enemy in 1 headshot)
  2. Pan
  3. Machete / Crowbar
  4. Jump+Punch( Superman Punch)
  5. Punch
Best Combination of weapons in PUBG Mobile (Erangel Map):
If you are playing in the Erangel map of PUBG mobile, then the following combination will be best.

Gun 1: M249 (Ammo 300+, with Holographic, Red dor or 2X)  or M16A4 or M416 with 220 ammo
Gun 2: AWM  or M24 (with 8X, Suppressor)
Gun3( Pistol): R1895
Frag Grenade: 5
Smoke : 3
Stun Grenade:1
Molotov Cocktail:1
Bandages: 10
First Aid: 4
Med Kits: 1
Energy Drink: 5
Pain Killer: 3
Adrenaline Syringe: 1
Helmet Backpack and Vest: Level 3
If Available: Ghillie Suit

Do you know?
Clash of Clan market is humiliated by PUBG Mobile. 


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