Shrinkhala Khatiwada Fans disagree with HEAD TO HEAD Result in favor of Singapore

Miss World officials uploaded  Youtube video of Head to Head on December 1 night which was the big terrific day for Shrinkhala Fans. Not only from Nepali fans but the fans from other countries also shocked about the Head to head result in the favor of Singapore.

In the youtube video, the fans have disliked the video to tell it's an unfair decision. Look at this picture snapshot of the youtube video, Likes for whole results in the video and dislikes for Nepal vs Singapore result are almost equal.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada | Fans said Nepal vs Singapore was the unfair judgment H2H  

What did fans say after watching Singapore vs Nepal, Head to Head round of Miss World 2018?

After 2 videos of Head to Head round of top 20  published, fans had an eye on Shrinkhala Khatiwada, group 13 and her opponent was Singapore, group 14.
But the 3 lady judges made 3 votes in favor of Singapore. The Nepal Miss was so confident, hadn't done any mistakes than the Singapore miss. So the many fans were shocked about this result and raised the questions about Judges' capability.

Some Top Comments From Youtube Video:

(Nepalese founded USA Based Channel) writes: "With due respect to the decisions but something I wanted to add is, I think the judges did not understand that Miss Singapore is talking about the issues in the 3rd richest countries in the world. The dollar amount Miss Singapore has raised is only possible because of the same reason. She joined a non-profit organization for her cause. Whereas, Miss Nepal started her own project with her friends for a small community in one of the poorest countries in the world where they lack not just health care but also water, shelter clothing, every basic human need. Plus her effort is with no big funded organizations. Miss Nepal wasn’t able to put facts and numbers and Miss Singapore was. That’s why she won. Congratulations to all the winners and keep voting for Miss Nepal for the multimedia award."

Asif Abdullah (Bangladesh) writes: "Nepal should be won....she looks very confident also her presentation was really great. She was beautiful and she has enough talent... As I'm the supporter of #bangladesh I really not accept this judgment..."

Moutushi Reza (Bangladesh) writes: "I'm from Bangladesh and have voted for our Oishee... I will be the happiest if she wins the title... but I must say that I thought Miss Nepal was going to win the title this year... she is so perfect!! the judgment wasn't fair enough!!  And those who are saying that she spoke out of the track... she has tried to make everyone feel her project... not like others who came with a memorized speech!! "

Aashish Agrawal (India) writes:  "Unsatisfying judgment. Singapore is working with the organization which is 117 yrs old with 15 branches what's new and innovative whereas, miss Nepal is starting her project from the base root, and u know her(Singapore) presentation never even close to Miss on what basis you choose Singapore just she had numbers/data of well-firmed organization...and Shrinkhala has raw data coz she jus started..."

Shreya Satpute writes: "Nepal spoke to the point unlike others who played the emotional cards they are judging emotions, not the talent Nepal deserves to win. so unfair decision"

Tanjin Sharmin writes: "I am Bangladeshi and I am so shocked the result of miss Nepal's unfair ....she is strong competitor..i love her ..."

Mano Ranjith writes: "Don't fell for Nepal, sure Nepal will win miss multimedia and enter to top 30 note my words. Love from INDIA."

Li Gan writes: "What I found out after watching this video whoever share their personnel problem into this moment will be selected what a great way to take advantage on this platform by merging personnel issue on the project."

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