Top PUBG Mobile Youtube Gamers in Nepal

Top PUBG Mobile Youtube Gamers in Nepal 

Based on subscribers gain and fans engagement, the top Youtube Gamers of PUBG Mobile Nepal are:

  1. 4K Gaming Nepal (292K+ Subscribers): 4KGaming is Nepal's number 1 PUBG Mobile streamer. Real Name of 4K Gaming Nepal is Pawan Kumar Shahi. Talking about his relationship, he is married person. His estimated earning is around 10 Lakh per month from Youtube only. 4K Gaming Nepal streams his live on Youtube and Facebook (Multistream) at Morning time, Day Time and Evening/night, 3 times a day. 
  2. Nero (116K+Subscribers): Nero Subba,  streams his player unknown's battleground live action on his channel Nero gaming. He has changed his channel name later on from Nepali PUBGMobile to NERO. He is one of the good competitive player. He plays PUBG mobile from both mobile Devices. Nero has seperate fan bases. He plays from Jyanmara and SBA clan during competitive matches. HIS Estimated earning is almost 1.5 lakh per month. 
  3. SK49 (116K Subscribers) : SK49 is one of the popular youtube channel of Nepali PUBG Mobile fans. A 18 years old Nepali lad is a good competitive players from Nepal who already played PMPL in India from Team Hype. He will play future matches from team Trained to Kill (T2K) of Nepal. His estimated earning crosses over 1 lakh per month (based on Youtube views/superchat if regular).
  4. Mr.Hyozu (104K+ Subscribers): ExMr.Hyozu, the leader of team Elementrix is one of the successful player name in Nepal. He has built up Ex nation seperate fan bases in national and international to grow up gaming community in Nepal.  His team Elementrix is the most successful Nepali team in international platform. His real name is Safal Hyozu, a guy from Butwal who left USA and currently busy with his team. He earns almost 1 lakh per month from Youtube if he streams live regularly. 
  5. MilOn (90K+ Subscribers): Nepal's PUBG gamer MilOn is leading with the highest subscribers among PUBG Mobile gamers inside Nepal. Milon uses both emulator (PC/Laptop) and mobile device to play the PUBG mobile.
    Streaming time: frequently (Daily).
  6. SLVR (24.5K+ Subscribers): SLVR is another big name of PUBG Mobile Nepali gamer who plays PUBG from Tencent emulator. Fans called him Nepali Dynamo.
    Streaming time: Daily
  7. JamesShresthaGAMING (24K+ Subscribers): Popular Nepali youtube creator James Shrestha nowadays loves to play PUBG Mobile. He has opened a new channel JamesShresthaGAMING on youtube to play PUBG with fans and followers. He has gained 19K+ subscribers already. The device used to play PUBG Mobile by James Shrestha is Emulator.
    Streaming time: Daily
  8. Hype Gurkha (16.5K+ Subscribers): Hype crew streams his game play from Hype Gurkha youtube channel. His crew is also famous after playing PMCO.
    Stream time: Daily
  9. sumit Yt ((12.5K+ Subscribers): sumit Yt is one of the rapidly growing channels who usually plays PUBG mobile from mobile devices.
    Streaming time: Daily (Mostly)
  10. EightC Gaming (11.5K+ Subscribers): EightC Gaming is another popular and active gaming channel for Nepali PUBG Lovers. Emulator, as well as mobile device, is the device to play PUBG Mobile by EightC.
    Streaming time: Daily (1 PM NST)
  11. 977 Nepal (55K+ Subscribers): Another fastly growing gaming channel inside Nepal is 977 Nepal. He plays PUBG Mobile from both emulator and mobile devices.
    Streaming time: Occasionally (9 PM NST)
  12. Mokylama (9K+ Subscribers): Mokylama is another Nepal based PUBG mobile gamer and is also the Nepali girl gamer. She plays PUBG mobile from mobile as well as emulator device.
    Streaming time: Daily Basis
  13. Aleenathapa Gaming (8.5K+ Subscribers): Another Nepali girl who plays PUBG mobile is Aleenathapa. She generally plays PUBG from Mobile devices.
    Streaming time: Morning (Daily)
  14. Gorkhali Gaming (6.4 K+ Subscribers):  Gorkhali Gaming is currently the most active PUBG Mobile streamer who continuously creates custom room game for his subscribers. Stream time: daily
All new data will be updated soon. Last updated on March 27, 2019. Comment below if any contents above need to be corrected.

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