Care your eyes while being long time on mobile and computer

As we know that this is the era of technology and its products. Many people have left the active life and engaged to the virtual life. In the near future, people don't need to go to the field for farming. He/she can cultivate any plants from home using many types of equipment and control system. Life of people is going more passive day by day. People go to gym and fitness houses to burn calories. It seems very relaxed life and our next generations will be more relaxed. Because people stop to do physical work while the cell phone, computer and internet become the favorite things to do every work.

When I am in grade 10, I saw the mobile phone for the first time when I had visited one of my uncle's house.  A Small, keypad, black and white phone with bounce, boating, snake and other games was pretty awesome. After 8 years, today, I have a smartphone, laptop, pc computer etc. Not only me, but almost every people inside Nepal also have at least a cell phone individually or per family. 

I spent my childhood playing hidden and seek, with marbles and stones, and many more. Today's kids born with smartphones and play candy crush, Clash of clans, GTA vice city, PUBG mobile, FIFA, PES, Dream league etc. I was shocked when a 2-years baby had unlocked the phone and opened YouTube to play videos.

The use of computer technology and mobile phones have been massively increased but people must care about their health concern. The direct impact while being hours to hours on mobiles, computers, even televisions is on your eyes. What would you do if you lost your vision? Just close your eyes and say what did you see? Yes, black everywhere. You can see black even you don't open your eyes. You have to face a bright world with your black sight if you lost your eyes vision. So you need to protect your eyes.
So here I am beginning how to protect and care your eyes.
While being a long time on pc, mobiles televisions, many people forget to blink the eyes. Report says while being in front of mobile, pc;  people blink eyes only one-third times as they normally do. When your eyes don't blink, the surface liquid of open eyes facing environment evaporates quickly. It causes the dryness of eyes, red eyes and other infections. So you need to change your behaviour.
Here are some methods to protect and care your eyes from computers and phones:
  • Blink your eyes
Normally people blink the eyes while the front-facing scene is about to change. That is, if you are looking at the river, you will blink your eyes while you try to look at the sky or forests or land. But while you watch video on your phone, scene changes accordingly with the video recording effect. So you feel the virtual blinking effect but you are actually not blinking your eyes. So you have to remember that you need to blink your eyes to moistened and prevents from drying and irritating effects.
  • Adjust brightness, color and contrast
The brightness of your phone and computers directly affect the vision. You need to balance the brightness, color and contrast of your device with the environmental light effect.
  • Take a rest
Take a 20-second break after you have been on mobile or computers for 20 minutes. Also see the objects at least 20 feet far away from you. It keeps your far distance sight alive.
  • Text and font size
The font and text of your device should be comfortable to read without any stress of your eyes.
  •  Do eye exercises regularly
You can do eye exercise like blinking eyes, forcefully closing eyes for a minute, opening one eye alternately, massage the outer eyes skins etc.
  • Use glasses
Use eyeglasses to protect your eyes from light radiation and temperature coming from your pc and mobile devices.
  • Maintain gap
Your eyes and display gap must be at least 1 foot while using a mobile phone, and 2 feet while using a pc or a laptop.
  • Sleeping for enough time
Sleep is not only for the eyes care but also for the overall body care. Generally, you need to sleep at least 8 hours daily.
  • Eat healthy foods
Always eat the healthy foods that increase your eyes performance. Foods and vegetables which give you vitamin A are very beneficial for your eyes.

These are some steps to care your eyes while being for long time on computers and mobile phones.

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