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Process Hacker is one of the best software to detect malware process in your computer. It helps in monitoring the system resources, detecting malware and debugging the software. It is a similar program like Windows Task manager but has lots of advantages. It can terminate any windows programs and processes which cannot be ended with windows task manager.

Benefits of Process Hacker:
  1. It highlights the memory use graph.
  2. It can terminate any programs.
  3. It can terminate any processes.
  4. It detects malware processes.
  5. It debugs software.
  6. It monitors system resources.
  7. It shows CPU Usage graph
  8. You can delete file or folder that can't be deleted by the normal method due to a folder in use.
  9. It shows disk information.

Download Process Hacker: Size:2.16 MB

How to delete a folder in use with process hacker?
First of all, open process hacker. Process hacker will automatically show the high memory used process in the much dark colour. Right-click any processes and open the file location. If your folder you wish to delete opens by 'open file location', then terminate that process and delete the folder or file.

How to delete infected aow_exe.exe in PUBG MOBILE Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator and solve Failed to Start Emulator:

aow_exe.exe is not a virus but it is an application to run Tencent Gaming Buddy. However, once it is infected, the PUBG Mobile game failed to start. You can open multiwindow to play instantly but when you close up and open again, the same problem will persist. So you will have to completely uninstall the Tencent gaming buddy. 
  1. Uninstall  Tencent Gaming Buddy from Control Panel.
  2. Delete Temp and TXGameAssistants folder.
  3. If you faced problem on deleting these folders then, 
  4. Open Process Hacker(download it from above).
  5. find the aow_exe.exe process.
  6. Terminate the program by right click on process.
  7. Repeat step 2 above to delete folders.
  8. Reinstall and restart the PUBG mobile Tencent emulator gaming body
After this, you can solve the following problems:
  • How to recover lags in PUBG Mobile.
  • How to recover "Failed to start the emulator. The emulator was not properly closed. Please restart the emulator or the computer and try again."

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