How to install PUBG Mobile on Samsung Z2 or Similar Low End phone (PUBG Mobile External SD Card Installation)

Hello, welcome everyone to my website. Today, I have a special method to install PUBG Mobile on low-end mobile devices. PUBG Mobile is the most popular and favourite game in today's world. There is no problem with installation on high-end mobile phones, smartphones, PC and laptops. Laptops and PCs need at least of 4GB RAM to run the PUBG Mobile in the Tencent Emulator.

But the question is, how can you install PUBG Mobile, Dream League Soccer or even Clash of Clans or other unsupported games on your low end, low storage mobile phone like Samsung Z2?

Yes, I have done the research and practical and I have concluded the solution, here I go:

  1. Your phone must support move the app to SD card. (Check it in: Setting>APP> Move to SD card) 
  2. Minimum RAM to run games. Actually, I don't know how faster is your device.
  3. Minimum internal storage to install APK before moving to SD card. (Because the first installation is always been in phone's internal storage. Nearly 200 MB storage is enough 
  4. External SD card with high storage (At least of 4GB or higher). I recommend you to use 8 GB SD at least, because, your SD may contain songs, videos, images, and other documents. So your SD card might be half full already. 
How to install?
  1. Download the latest version of APK File from here: Size: 39 MB
  2. Install it on your mobile phone. 
  3. Go to phone's setting>App>PUBG Mobile and move it to SD card. (If your phone's internal storage is enough then you don't need to move to SD card.)
  4. Now, you need to Download OBB data of PUBG Mobile which is around 1.5 gb large
  5. Download  data from here Size:1.49 GB  
  6. You can download this data using your laptop or computer too. 
  7. If this file is zipped, you have to unzip the file. If unzipping feature is not on your device, use a laptop or a computer. 
  8. Paste this main file into a new folder name: com.tencent.ig. 
  9. Move this com.tencent.ig whole folder into your phone's  FILE>SD CARD>Android>obb> and paste there.
  10. Open the game and Enjoy. 
If you have problems, then leave the comment below. 

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  1. I have much stutters and lag in pubg what can i do 😢😢


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