AKM vs M416 comparison | which gun is better in pubg mobile?

Hello everyone, what's going on your pubg mobile game and How much chicken dinners have you had this season? Okay fine, if you are chicken master than no problem at all however, if you are struggling to collect some chicken dinner in pubg mobile then possible reason may be selection of guns.

Except in an emergency condition, people love to carry a snipper gun and an Assault Rifle (AR) before going on the battleground. AKM  is AR which needs 7.62 mm ammo while M416 needs 5.56 mm sized ammo. These  two guns are popular among all pubg lovers. But, people don't know which one is better. Actually this is a silly  question that which one is the better. Because it can be decided on the basis of following conditions:

1. Damage or power:

AKM has higher damage as compared to M416. It means you require less AKM bullets to kill an enemy.

2. Range:

AKM is better to kill an enemy at long range than M416. So we can say M416 will be better at close range. You can use upto 6x scope on both rifles. 

3. Recoil:

AKM recoils more than that of M416. So M416 is good because it recoils least. The main reason why people prefer M416 than AKM is due to its less recoiling. However, if you can aim the enemies with handling recoils, then always choose AKM.

4. Speed:

M416 has better speed while firing than AKM. It means, you can fire more bullets per second from M416 than AKM.  So you can select M416 to shut down your enemies quickly.

This information was updated from PUBG Mobile Armony section. Player's Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) is tencent product and is popular game world wide.

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