M416 vs AUG A3 | Which gun is better in PUBG Mobile game?

Hello guys, M416 is popular assault rifle (AR) among people who plays pubg mobile. M416 is easily available at any places but AUG A3 is another 5.56 mm ammo fitting AR which is available only on flare or air drops.
Normally, air drops weapons are very good than weapons found in normal place. But AUG A3 is not so much good rifle than M416 else it is available only on air drops.
This is why M416 is better than AUG A3:
M416 is better than AUG A3 | M416 VS AUG A3
Power: The power of damages for both M416 and Aug A3 are equal. You need atleast of 3 bullets headshot to knock an enemy.

Recoil: Recoil of M416 is less than that of AUG A3. That is why M416  is better than Aug A3.

Range: M416 and AUG A3 have equal range of target. 

Firing speed : M416 is very quicker than AUG A3 on firing and reloading.

Overall conclusion is that, M416 is better Assault Rifle ( AR) than AUG A3

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