PUBG Mobile banned and then unbanned in Nepal - Reason

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular games over all the global territory. After many people liked the PUBG PC lunched on 2017, manufacture company of South Korea, the blue whale company,  made PUBG Mobile in 2018 and PUBG Mobile became the no. 1 game in the world in a year. PUBG Lite is also available with similar fashion. 

With increase in the PUBG lovers, many circumstances have been occuring also. PUBG mobile became popular so quickly, even people started to leave a old popular game Clash of clans. There are always bad aspects and good aspects of any kinds. Some people  went so addicted that they suffered from serious health concern because people spent long time on playing PUBG Mobile which takes 35 minutes to complete a single match. 

Why was PUBG banned in Nepal?

In Nepal, a boy played PUBG Mobile for continuos of 46 hours and fainted on bathroom and hospitalized. Another person committed suicide also, some news said. Parents of school children also worried about the future of them after not focusing on the game due to PUBG Mobile.  So they complained to Nepal Police and immediately Nepal government ordered to ban PUBG Mobile in Nepal in the Nepali last year 2075 (May, 2019). 

Why was PUBG unbanned in Nepal?

After Nepal Government banned PUBG Mobile, many youths became unhappy with Nepal Governement. Many people said that banning PUBG Mobile seeing 1-2 alteration among a million Nepali PUBG lovers is not the perfect solution. Nepali Youths requested those parents not to give mobile phone to their school children so if PUBG got banned they will play next game. So it seems like that banning PUBG was not the perfect solution.

Considering the voice of youths, Nepal Communication  Authority filed a complain to Nepal Supreme Court to unban PUBG Mobile. Immediately supreme court ordered not to ban PUBG currently for 15 days.  Court oderered both the parties to be stand with the reason that why it should be banned or unbanned with in 15 days (from 16 April). 

What Nepali PUBG players want?

Ofcourse no body wants to go away from PUBG Mobile but people accepts that they are addicted to this game. So people want to play PUBG Mobile with time barrier. And this will probably be the best solution for the current situation.

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