PUBG Mobile Server changed for Nepal Ping fixed

PUBG Mobile team officially fixed the high ping issue for Nepal connecting Nepal to Indonesia server. After continuously spamming 'Nepal server needed' for Nepalese players on You Tube, Facebook , and PUBG feedback box, PUBG team fixed high ping server issue for Nepal.

Previously, normal ping for Nepal in Vietnam server was over 150 and upto 900 MS. But now, Nepal players can able to play the PUBG Mobile smoothly. 

Servers for Nepal are currently Vietnam and Indonesia server. So you can play with either of servers randomly at low ping. Vietnam server high ping issue for Nepal is also fixed.

From May 11, 2019, Nepali PUBG players are enjoying the game where ping varies between 90-120 MS.  

Inspite of having own server, Nepalese PUBG players are so talented and aggressive on PUBG mobile game because they are Gurkhas, the best and real warriors of the world.

It is beleived that  PUBG team has considered about high ping issue after seeing a lots of crazy fans supporting Nepali participants on PMCO tournament. Nepali players who are playing PMCO, did  well in the previous matches at very high ping.

Now at low ping, they will surely do the best and other more good players from Nepal have chances to qualify for upcoming tournaments.

If PUBG team connects Nepal to India server then Nepal will get ping of 40-80 MS which is very worthful for Nepali PUBG lovers and hopefully they will consider with it.

All the best PUBG Gorkhali Players for PUBG tournaments to show your talent and success.


  1. Is this fake news ...🤐🤐🤐

  2. Lu abo thao ko thao ma bakaas banaonay vha...

  3. Please connect t0 Indian server

  4. We need more good ping please connect to india server


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