Best websites to work from home part time/full time jobs

Hello, it's me Dikpal. In this post I am going to share what type of jobs are available on internet world so that you can earn a good money. 

Jobs are those that make you somewhat satisfy by earning some real cash. Here are some websites where you can work online and earn some revenue. From my experiences, I recommend you all to signup to any of these accounts. 

1.  Upwork: is one of the popular and easy networks to find the job. But like normal job, you must have skills to do something. For example: Engineering-architectural works or designing, writing skills (content writing, copywriting, article writing), online marketing, social media, Java/php, video creator/editing, SEO etc. There are several jobs available on the upwork. But you must submit application telling what skills do you possess after logging in to upwork. You must bid on works and employers will grant you to finish their work. You will be paid for that. You can watch youtube videos to know how upworks work.

2. Fiverr: is similar platform like upwork. After sign up you must create gigs. Gigs is the collection of your particular skills. For example if you can make unique articles then you will create a gig like " I can create good articles at cheap price". The employers will contact you if they like your gigs and happy to pay your willing  payment. 

3. Tutor: is websites where you can teach students. You will be paid from students. You can teach several subjects on tutor. This site will be very helpful if you have good knowledge on particular subjects.

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