How to Play PUBG Mobile more than 6 hours daily

PUBG Mobile is globally much liked game in present period. Many people of different age groups, love to play PUBG Mobile. Due to some negative impact on health of players, PUBG Mobile won't let you play continuosly for several hours. 

However, you need to be over 18 years old to play PUBG Mobile for long time. 

PUBG Mobile Health Reminder Notifications:

For Below 18 years Old:
By default, your PUBG Mobile account is set as below 18 years old person. PUBG Mobile will send you health reminder notification after playing for 4 hours. In next 2 hours, PUBG Mobile won't let you play for 15 minutes. Then in every 2 hours, you have to take a break of 15 minutes.

For 18+ years old:

In PUBG Mobile, you can set your age as below 18 or 18 plus in the setting. If your age is more than 18, then you can play PUBG Mobile after playing for 6 hours without 15 minutes break.

To set your age in PUBG Mobile:

  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • Go to Setting and scroll to bottom.
  • Choose others
  • Set the age 'I am 18 plus'
  • Done!
You can change your age again in next 14 days.

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