How to earn from Facebook Gaming Live Stream in Nepal

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, many people are jobless. Many people have lost their private jobs. Economy of an individial is completely fallen. 

Facebook gaming is one of the popular method to earn some dollar from home. You need a gaming or live streaming laptop or PC. Here are the steps for earning from Facebook Live:
  • You need a laptop or PC that support games and streaming.
  • You must  create a page with the category" Gaming Video Creator" 
  • You have to gain 100 followers only to be eligible for earning facebook money.
  • You have to setup Facebook payout account.
  • From creative studio of your Facebook page, you can choose payout setting.
  • If necessary, you have to stream live from eligible country. But streaming for more hours in a week is necessary to be eligible.
  • Facebook money is counted in stars. 100 Stars values $1. 
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