977 Nepal's Football Prediction | Predict the match winners and Win!

Hello Welcome everyone. In this page you can fill up the form with your prediction of mentioned football Matches. Prediction of Football includes many international and top Football league matches such as: FIFA World Cup Qualifier, FIFA Friendly Matches and International Matches, Nepal's Men and Women Football, Popular matches of European Leagues such as La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, League 1, Europa Cup, Champions League etc. 

Here are some rules to play 977Nepal's Football Prediction. 

  • Players have to predict result of matches only not the score. (Like Team1 wins, Draw, Team2 Wins). 
  • One player cannot submit the form multiple times. If found, he will be disqualified. 
  • All submitted name/Email and number must be a unique one. 
  • Prediction cannot be edited after it has been submitted.
  • A Prediction includes 10 matches (At most) 
  • Prediction has to be done by players before the kick of time of most upcoming match. 
  • Winners prize will be announced in 977Nepal's YouTube Live Stream and a luckiest winner will be announced in next Live stream and be awarded the prize. 

All Rights Reserved to 977 Nepal 

Predict and Win by 977 Nepal Prediction Week: 5
Prize for the most successful predictors: Rs.100
Fill the form before kick off: 10:45 PM, September 28 (After this date, particular finished match will be substracted for late predictors and only remaining matches will be counted) 

Grab your chance to win the prize! Good Luck. Winner will be announced in 977Nepal's YouTube. 


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