Nepal Driving License Full applying processes with License Likhit Exam (Objective) + Trial exam with Trail Pass Tutorial Video

Nepal Driving License Full applying processes with License Likhit Exam (Objective) +  Trial exam with Trail Pass Tutorial Video  

Requirement for sign up: 
Name, Surname, Middle Name, Phone Number, Keep Passwords and Security Questions (Don't forget security Question's answer) 
STEP 2: 
Details Submit: Name, Your Father and Mothers Name, Grand Father Name, Blood Group, Near By DOTM Office, Citizenship Details (Photo of citizenship back and Front), Address (Permanent as in Citizenship (Zonal / Federal (New) as in Citizenship), Blood Groups, etc. 

STEP 3: 
After submitting all details, APPLY FOR DRIVING LICENSE. Select Category. Apply for preferred license office for the date (+15) at 7 AM everyday, try until your OTP could not get verified and your visit date is confirmed. 

STEP 4: 
PREPARATION at Driving Centre : Focus on 8, small path, Traffic rules, side light and, up/down path, break control and slow motion ride at everywhere for easy ness in TRAIL.  

STEP 5: 
Go to visit Date with Rs. 500 ( Rajaswo/ Tax)  + Rs. 90 (Medical) 
First of all take  token, put a Rs.10 Ticket/Stamp on Printed File, No PHOTO required but, submit the printed application file with Citizenship Photocopy, they will take your photo, you have to do fingerprint and signature on digital board (ask them if you are confused) and do medical eye test, pay Rs. 90, and then finally pay Tax (Rajaswo Rs.500 and get Vouchers, keep the voucher Safe). 

STEP 6: 
Next day, they will conduct written (Likhit) Exam (Check notice on applied Province's DOTM Site). 

STEP 7: 

TRAIL (at upcoming  Sunday (Scooter) and Monday (Bike) (Check notice on applied Province's DOTM Site)

If you fail the trial you can apply for re-trail visiting there after 15 days by paying Rs. 500 and get voucher. You can give trail for total of 3 times during the period of 18 months by one Likhit Exam Pass and submission. If you failed more than 3 times, you have to begin the process from step 1 again. 

Android APP for Written (Likhit) Exam Test: Prepare Exam on this APP  

Written Exam Details: 
Full Marks: 25 
Question: 25 
Pass Marks: 15 
Percentage of Pass Marks: 60%
Time: 30 Minutes only

Trail Exam test: 
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 70 
Touch 8 line once: -5 
Touching 8 line more than one time: FAIL
Could not move on small way: FAIL 
Could not stop inside the Line (anywhere): FAIL 
Side Light off: -10 
Start off once at Speed Breaker or UP road: -15 
Start off two times- FAIL 
Stepping by both legs- FAIL 

We will update important notice on this page further more. 

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