5 Best Trusted and Highly Paying Online Job Sites for Freelancer 2018 | Work From home

5 Best Trusted and Highly Paying Online Job Sites for Freelancer 2018 | Work From home

Hello, friends today I am going to tell you the 10 best online job sites for freelancers, where you can earn money by aiding your client. There are several sites where you can work which are mentioned below:

1. Upwork (upwork.com)
Upwork is the most popular and trusting sites for a freelancer to earn money by helping clients. Over 2 million clients are there in Up work. The signing process is easier but you have to approve a job bid as per your skills. Profile Approval process might be delayed if the similar type of skillful freelancers is already there in high numbers. You can bid on the projects given by clients or you are hired by clients based on your profile skills. You can also take many tests to increase your profile impressions to clients. The Up work is a very safer place for both Clients and Workers. Up to 20% of fees will be deducted by up work for the net income from each project. If you earn $5 from a project, $1 is for up work and $4 is yours. The payment can be made to worldwide banks, the minimum payout is $100 but you can withdraw money even it is less than $100 as your first payment.

2. Fiverr (fiverr.com)
Fiverr is another marketplace where you can work on projects of other people and they pay for your hard work. It is similar to Up work but the system is little difference. You will have to create particular skills about what you are able to do, that is called "Gigs". More you are creative, more you can earn from Fiverr. You can earn from the $5 to $10000 from Fiverr. It basically works on two criteria, One is a seller (as Freelancers)  and other is Buyer (as Clients). You can sell 100 of your products/jobs to the buyers. You have to publish what skills or products you can make. Buying people will then hire you and pay you for their orders. Payment can be made to your Paypal, Fiverr revenue cards or in your Bank.

3. Freelancers.com (freelancer.com)
 Freelancer is another marketplace where you can win the job bids and earn for what you have worked for them. It is similar to Upwork in all aspects. But you have to work for the trusted clients. You can upgrade your skills and membership plan also and win high bids. Payment can be made to your banks and verified Paypal. You can deposits money also. But be careful, the clients might not be trusted in Freelancers and flag them if found inappropriate.

4. Toptal (toptal.com)
Toptal is another big marketplace who are seeking for the jobs. You can sign in as Clients or Freelancers. As a freelancer, you can earn high money from Toptal. This site is the best place for designers, developers, and financial experts. You can work with many big companies online. This site is basically for top talents freelancers.

5. Sports Keeda (sportskeeda.com)
This site is the very new site related sports. You can earn from this site by writing Sports news from Worldwide. You can make 200$ per month easily from nice sports articles. You will be paid 200 for 20 articles on average having at least 300 words per article. The articles should be unique and plagiarised free. You will withdraw money to your Paypal account.

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