How to Enable https:// on the Custom Domain and Make Secured Blogger Site 2018 New Feature

How to Enable https:// on the Custom Domain and Make Secured Blogger Site 2018 New Feature

Hello, how are you? Here is a good news for blogger owners who have linked custom domain in blog spot. Blogger or Google has now itself started securing blog data on our site and maintained security level. Before it was available only if our blog ends with  but not to the custom domain in same blog spot, This feature is updated by Google and now we can enable https for our every custom domain site hosted by blog spot.

Now Let's begin How to Enable Https:// in your blogger's custom domain:

Step 1: Go to and sign in to your blogger site using your Gmail account.
Step 2: Select the blogger you want to set up https. As shown in the picture below you will see the notification which says "HTTPS for custom domain is now available on your blog. To try it out, visit HTTPS Setting." Click on https setting or go to the setting if you have crossed (x) it before.

Step 3: 
In the Setting > Basic > Publishing, you will see the custom domain name if you have already added to your blog spot. My custom domain is You can get a free custom domain from and used them here or you can buy a domain from many sites.

Step 4: Below publishing section, you will see an option HTTPS. There are two sections,
  1. First is HTTPS Availability,  marked it as "Yes". Then the page will be refreshed automatically and https on your site will be processed. After some time refresh setting page and then you can go to your site as but if you go with http:// then it will not change to https. To enable https on your site all the time, go to HTTPS Redirect below.
  2. When 1 is processed completely, you can enable HTTPS Redirect. Mark it as "Yes". If this button is still not clickable, either you have not refreshed the page or above 1 is not processed yet. After you mark it as Yes, then you can visit your site as even if you type http://.
That's much for today. If you have anything to ask, please comment down below.

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