How does Work? | How much bitcoin can you earn from

How does Work? | How much bitcoin can you earn from
Free Bitcoin Lottery System.
Is really the worst to earn bitcoin?

How to change Bitcoin Address from Bitcoin ?Withdraw or Payment System in Free Bitcoin

How does Work? | How much bitcoin can you earn from
Hello Friends, I have a new experience with this site FREEBITCO.IN. I was trying to search best BTC Faucets on Internet. Many People buy Gh/s Machine to mine high BTC from the computer. They really earn high BTC because their computer's CPUs are used to mine the Bitcoin. There are several sites to use CPU power to mine the bitcoin. But we can not afford those machine to mine Bitcoin so we all are looking for easiest way to mine Bitcoin.
Free is one of the good ways to mine Bitcoin. It gives 10-25 Satoshi every hour. The main feature of this site is, we can multiply bitcoin by  Playing High - low game.

Free Bitcoin Lottery System

Beside this, in every week, there is a Lottery for every user where 10 luckiest people can win the bitcoin up 2000 Satoshi to 1.5 BTC. The lottery is based on Tickets.You can earn 2 tickets every hour per free satoshi claim. You can also earn 1 ticket for your referral claim every hour. You can also buy 1 ticket for 1 Satoshi too. The biggest thing on the lottery is,  any people can win this and winner is selected randomly by the system. If you buy 1 lakh tickets, your percentage of winning the lottery is high but not be guaranteed. I have seen some lucky people who have won more than 1 BTC from Lottery with very few tickets like 8 tickets, 18 tickets, 120 tickets likewise. So don't ignore this site, If the luck favors you can also be the luckiest winner one.

How does Work? | How much bitcoin can you earn from

You can go here to signup

Now the question comes to the mind that is it really good or worst site? is one of the good sites for beginners as well as experts. But don't deposit here until you become expert about this site.
The biggest weakness in the site is, some of the servers/users automatically take our IP addresses and they claim every hour. They might be typically the owner or some bugs. So your IP may be banned in short period after claiming on this site. But no worry, You can request other IP address from your internet servers.

Withdraw or Payment System
Free Bitcoin will withdraw your earning to the Coinbase wallet or Blockchain wallet or any bitcoin addresses. But during late 2017, it has started to take some fees on withdraw for instant withdraw as well as scheduled withdraw.

How to change Bitcoin Address from Bitcoin? will set a bitcoin address after you signup. You can go to the setting page and can set the withdraw address of very easily.

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