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How to Upgrade Adsense Hosted Account to Normal Account -2018
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Steps To Upgrade AdSense Hosted To Non-hosted Account

Hello, First of all, thank you so much for visiting my website. In this section, I will tell you how to upgrade Hosted Adsense account to Non Hosted account or as you can say normal Adsense account so as to monetize your website from an Adsense account you already have.

First of all, let me introduce what is Hosted Adsense Account?
 Hosted Adsense accounts are those which have been signed up through Google's Host Partner. Google Hosted Partners are Blogger, Youtube, and Admob. So if you create your Adsense accounts from these sites, then they remain as the Hosted accounts. To check either your Adsense is hosted account or not, just sign in Adsense and click on your Google profile image on right top corner

Why is it necessary to upgrade Hosted to Non-Hosted Adsense account?
If you have hosted account, still you can create new Ad units from My ads section. But when you place these ads into your sites except a hosted sites, the ads will not appear. Here are the criteria for how hosted ads work:
1. Hosted Adsense approved in your Blogger can be used for Youtube and Admob monetization.
2. Hosted Adsense approved in your Youtube can be used for Admob but cannot be used in Blogger (needs the approval to show ads on Blogger site)
3. Similarly, Admob Adsense account can be used to Youtube instantly but needs the approval to show ads on your blogger.

Hence, the conclusion is that Youtube and Admob are the lowest partners for monetization. The above three Adsense cannot be used instantly on the websites that are not owned by Google. So we need to upgrade the Adsense accounts.

Is it compulsory to upgrade Adsense Account?

No, it is not compulsory. If you want to use new Adsense for your site "www.yourdomain.com" then go to www.google.com/adsense and sign up for new Adsense. But if you don't want to have new Adsense and want to use same hosted Adsense for your site, then only go through the Upgrade process.

4 Steps to Upgrade your Hosted account to Normal Non-Hosted Account:

Step 1: 
Sign up your Adsense and go to My Ads tab. Click the My ads tab and there will be lots of things appear. from just the right side, you can scroll the My ads tab, hold your computer's mouse and scroll down to the last and you will see the "Other products"

Step 2: 
Click the "Other products" and you will see the section from where you can input your site link and upgrade your account. Read all the instructions given there and put your URL. You don't need to input http:// or https:// there. Then Press Submit.

Step 3:
After submitting, the page will give you the Adsense code. Copy the code and then you need to log in your Site and paste the code in HTML/Javascript Widgets and save it

Step 4:
After placing Adsense code on your website/site then come back to the Adsense and click I'm done! Now the upgrading process will be started and then you will get an email from Adsense Team about the review of your Adsense account status.

My adsense account becomes non hosted. 

Note that: Your website must have enough articles, nice contents, no ads from other networks and no many outer links to have an instant upgrade. Your website must fulfill "Adsense terms, and conditions for your website"  given here https://www.google.com/adsense/new/localized-terms


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  1. i have not any website of my own. then how to get the non hosted account.

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