Approve Google adsense in 24 hours

Can I approve my site for google adsense in a single day? 

The answer of this question is yes. Surely you can approve Google AdSense for your site in a single day. However, you have to meet the following criteria so that Google AdSense review team will understand that you have some potential to be a publisher.

  •  Information and Basic Pages

    Your site must have information about your site. For example: Information About you or about your site, Privacy policy of your site, secureness, copyright and intellectual property, Rules and law of your site, contact forms etc. Google Adsense will not be approved the site with no or fewer contents and articles. It is better to create many articles before submitting for AdSense approval. You must create at least 10 articles with words count not less than 500 in each post. 

  • Page view / Impression:

    Your site must get some impressions before approving for Google Adsense. Try to engage with more people before and after submitting for Adsense. My site was approved for 1500 views in a single post. It is better if you put ads inside the post with a high live impression so that reviewer will consider quickly. However views count is actually not a criteria to get approved for google adsense.

  • Unique / Niche Content:

    Adsense never paid good money to the lazy people. You must be creative. Creating contents by copying from others sites is strongly against the Google Adsense Policy. You have to create your own contents. Creating unique articles will also improve your site SEO.

  • No third party links/ ads:

    Don't add other ad platforms which are not friendly with Adsense. Creating many external links in your site is also not suitable.

  • Language:

    Your site language must be matched with the language you have chosen during Adsense signup. The correct grammatical sentence will be more suitable. 

  • No Adult Content
    Google is not friendly with adult content, image or video in your site.

  • Responsive Theme / Web Design
    You can choose very responsive blogger themes or your webpage themes. Delaying to opening your site affects your earning potential also. So your site must be fast loading with professional looking. 
You can read more Google Adsense Content Policy here.


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