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Hello Everyone,
welcome to my site. Today, I am going to conduct a quiz competition. Education is the power of modern era. But our knowledge is going to be exam oriented only. We study hard just to pass the examinations and after examinations we forget what we have learnt. So our knowledge be like the path of a ship or a boat.

Rules for the competition: 1. Each questions weigh 2 KC Point for QN 1 to 9, which are objective questions/answers.
2. QN 10 weighs 5 KC Point which will be subjective question answer.
3. 2 KC points will be rewarded to those who share this post on his timeline.
4. Person with highest KC Points will be winner.
5. Winner will get Rs. 200 Recharge Card (Network Inside Nepal)
6. Winner will be announced tomorrow.
7. Answer should be done below. (Comment below)

Questions:                                                                                            FM - 25 KC Points

Q 1. In your clock, time shown now is  2:30 am, Sept 24. What time is it  now in London?
a) 9:45 pm, Sept 23     
b) 8:45 pm Sept 23    
c) 7:15 am, Sept 24   
d) 8:15 am Sept 24

Q 2 Country of sun rising is :
a) Nepal 
b) Norway 
c) Japan 
d) England

Q. 3  How many chromosomes are found in a normal human? 
a) 23 pairs 
b) 48  
c) 46   
d) Both a and c

Q. 4  Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire is celebrating his _____ th birthday today ( 7 Ashoj, 2075).
a) 98 
b) 99
c) 100
d) 101

Q. 5 Nepal has ___ districts.
a) 73
b) 75
c) 77
d) 76

Q. 6  Aqua regia is mixture of 
a) Acid and Acid
b) Acid and base
c) Acid, base and water
d) Base and Base

Q. 7 Area of Nepal in sq. m is 
a) 147,181,000,000
b) 147,181,000
c) 147,181
d) 147.181

Q. 8  FIFA World cup 2026 will be hosted in:
a) Qatar
b) Portugal
c) Brazil
d) Canada, Mexico and United States

Q. 9. Who won the first Nepal Idol?
a) Sagar Ale 
b) Buddha Lama 
c) Nishan Bhattarai 
d) Pratap Das

Q. 10 Read the first paragraph above answer why our knowledge be like the path of the ship. 

(Note: Q 1-9 : 2 KC points each, Q10 : 5 KC points, Share link  : 2  KC  points)


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