How to make your youtube channel ready for Monetization Quickly 2020 Best Tips | Boost up your youtube channel in the Smart Way

Make your Youtube Channel ready for Monetization Quickly 2020 best tips | Grow up your Youtube Channel in Smart Way

Increase Subscribers, Views, Watch Hour and Earning in your Youtube Channel | SEO your Youtube Channel  

Youtube has progressively changed the minimum requirements for Youtube Channel to make ready for Monetization. In the past years, Youtube didn't have any restrictions for any type of channels. That means, at that time anyone could create channel and sign up instantly for monetization and approve in 1-3 days. But after huge misuse of contents of original Creator, Youtube changed minimum requirements in 2018 to be eligible for earning cash from Youtube. This rule not to upset any youtube creators but to motivate the hard working youtube creators. Youtube doesn't want to spend money to a fraud, lazy type of of youtube channel.
Youtube says "It’s important to see who’s following the company’s guidelines and disqualify bad actors."

After 2018, minimum criteria requiered  for Youtube Channel Monetization are:
  • 4000 hours watch time:
4000 hours watch time within 12 months period is not the big deal. If you cannot make 4000 hours watch time, you can never earn high money from youtube. So youtube has implemented this rule to motivate the hard working youtube creators. Previously youtube had asked for 10000 channel views to be eligible for Monetization.
  • 1000 Subscribers:

    Youtube Creator also needs a minimum of 1000 subscribers to be eligible for Monetization Partner Program. This rule is similar to watch hour time. It's also not the big deal. I can proudly say that 'No Youtubers with less than 1000 subscribers get paid." It's because, if your videos become popular, then only you can earn high from youtube, likewise if your youtube videos become popular surely you will gain lots of subscribers.

    So 4000 hours annual watch time and 1000 subscribers are not the big needs to be eligible for Monetization.
  • Care Youtube & Adsense Policies

    Most of the youtube creators suffer from Youtube policy violation, Adsense invalid activity etc. So you have to care youtube and google guidelines. Fraud, Spamfull, Hacking, and tricks are strictly against Youtube Family so be careful and make social friendly videos. Don't upload copyright materials and don't harm the community.
If you are beginners, so you have to work hard but never rush up. Once you are suspended, then you can never be youtube creator again. Performance and grow up of your Youtube Channel is like an Exponential term. It means if you get 100 subscribers in a month,  you may get 1000 subscribers in next month but not only the 100. So always upload nice and creative content.

I told you above not to hurry up. But if your hard working is slower than a tortoise, then your time will be wasted. So here are some ideas for newbies to grow their channel effectively and quickly.

BE A SMART YOUTUBER  ( Guide to Boost Up Channel Performance For Beginners and Any Youtubers)
  1. Set the Goal of your Channel:

    You have to make a decision that what type of channel you are going to create. Messi, Ronaldo play football but they can not play a cricket well. Likewise, you have to set the one goal for your one channel. If your channel is about soccer, upload soccer contents only, if your channel is about politics, upload political videos only.
  2. Trend

    After creating the channel as per your goal, you have to upload videos. But, what types of videos are popular in the market or in the youtube world or in your region is one of the best tips for any youtube creators to grow up quickly. For e.g., If you upload 'Nepal defeated India by 2-1 in SAFF Championship' is inappropriate because Nepal had defeated India by 2-1 in 2013 but not in 2018. So you have to care about what is trending in the internet world in real time.
  3. Similarity / Similar Videos

    This topic is similar to the goal of your channel. If your channel is about earning tips, then you have to create similar videos on earning section so that visitors can find your channel and videos more quickly then others channel. Channel name & description; videos title, tags, and description; linked website, website images caption etc need to be of the similar type so that when someone searches any related keywords, they will find you.
  4. Live Stream and Event:

    People nowadays want to see what is happening in this world in real time. So, you can create or stream live events to show what is happening now in this world and gain huge subscribers as a thank you gift. But careful, you must not break the youtube policies and guidelines in your any activities of uploads and streams.
  5. Don't lie or cheat people

    Don't be a lier if you want to boost up your channel quickly. Be loyal to the visitors. If your videos are really suitable and helpful for only a visitor, he/she will give you thumb up and says 'thank you'. And another third person surely sees that feedback and also does the same. And finally, your videos will be popular.
After all, 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers required for monetization are not the big things. Youtube Monetization is the platform of Adsense in which Advertisers (Ads Owners) promote their products on publisher videos (You).

You always have to maintain all the above five ideas to be a successful youtube creator in a smart way.

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