Send Top Up to Your Phone More than one times daily using DENT APP

Generally, Dent app doesn't allow you to send top up more than one time. When you try to recharge your phone more than one time it says,  "Your daily limit is exceeded, try again on next day" something like this.

Yah, this post is really helpful if you want to recharge your phone for more than one times. I am going to tell how  I had done it.  You can see the picture below, where I sent recharge to my number two times. I recharged my both Ncell and NTC sim cards using Dent on October 8, 2018.

How is it possible?
This method is very easy. First of all send a recharge card to one number, then immediately go back and enter another number and send top up. I did this more quickly and I am able to send 2 top ups. The time available for this method is the time between the first ordered for top up to the receiving time in your mobile phone. So you have to do this very quickly.
If you still don't know about this app, go here and install this app

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