How to earn Bitcoin using PIVOT app Best BITCOIN alternative App

Pivot is one of the popular app these days. Since the mining of bitcoin is illegal in Nepal so the pivot app can be popular among the people of Nepal who want to earn huge money. There is no need needed of mining software (which actually was illegal in Nepal). There is also no needed for investment.

For the beginner, download Pivot app from this link and install it. Then signup using your google account.  After sign up you have different methods to win PVTP.

What is PVTP?
PVTP is the smallest unit of  Pivot coin. It is equivalent to Satoshi in Bitcoin. 100,000,000 PVTP equals to 1 BTC.

How to earn PVTP?
There are several methods to get PVTP which is based on Power. Pivot releases the fixed amount of BTC like 4-10 BTC for every 7-10 days.  All the active people in pivot will get a certain amount of PVTP calculated based on the simple geometric ratio.

For example, if 5 BTC is to be distributed today, then Pivot releases nearly 500,000,000 power for this. And you have to get power by reading news, inviting friends to join pivot and also from prediction you made. You can read 15-20 news per day to get 1500-2000 power. You can invite any number of friends and for this, you will get 15000 to 20000 power per invite. You will also get 10% of your referral power to. Also from Soccer prediction and other prediction, you will get 500 to 600 power per prediction. If you invite one friend, read 20 news and made a prediction, then you will get 20,000+2000+500 + 10% of your friend power (let 200, for reading  20 news by your referred friend). Then total power you will get =22700.

And the PVTP you will get = 22700/50,000,000 * Total BTC (5BTC = 500,000,000 PVTP) =22700 PVTP.

As a beginner, you can get 10-100 PVTP per day. After you get lots of active referral, then your potential earning surely increases.

Prediction Method:

Firstly you need different PVTP coin for making the prediction. Initially, you will have zero coins but you don't need to purchase any coin. From the FREE BTC Prediction inside prediction section, you can make the free prediction of increasing/decreasing USD value of BTC/ETH /XRP for certain future time zone, like >1% increase, 1% decrease etc. You will get coins for any of the correct prediction. Then this coin can be used to other prediction like soccer prediction, other BTC prediction etc.
Inside the Announcement or Prediction section, you will find Predict For FREE option.

Withdraw Method:
You need minimal of 1000 PVTP to withdraw.

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