How to run a software with older Date with RUN AS DATE

Hello, Run as Date is a tool to run any specific app or software in your pc with specific date and time.
Many software like Etabs, SAP, Autocad which has a specific period of licensing can be solved by Run as Date after license gets expired.

How Run As Date works?

Run as date acts like a certain specific date you have given to run a software although current date and time is different. For example, if your Software has a license period of 2017 January 1 to 2018 January 1, then you can specify any date between this period so as to run software with fully working or licensed although the license is already expired.

How to Download and Install Run As Date for PCs/Laptops?

  • Download Run as Date from this link.  For x32 (36KB)  For x64 (43KB)
  • After download, extract the downloaded file (Zip file). (You have to compulsory extract the file for making it functional)
  • Open RunAsDate.
  • Select the Programs to run with Run As Date.
  • Set the date you wish to run as.
  • Set Homescreen shortcut of the program. (After this Homescreen Shortcut of Program appears on the desktop which will be run by Run As Date. 
  • Save Setting. 
Thank you. 


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If you need anything to ask, Comment below:

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