How to Transfer Balance in NTC/Ncell sim to sim

You can send mobile balance from one simcard number to another number very easily.

Nepal Telecom (NTC)  and Nepal Cell (Ncell) are two big telecommunication of Nepal. Above 95% people  have chosen either NTC or Ncell as their mobile phone for communications. UTL and Smart Cells are also available in Nepal but not in high ratio.

So here we talk about how to send money from one simcard to another simcard. Unfortunately, we cannot send money from one number to another number of different telecommunication company limited. That is we cannot transfer mobile balance from NTC sim to Ncell sim or vice vorsa.

Here are few steps of transferring mobile balance from one sim card to another sim cards of same company.

How to transfer (send) money in  NTC Prepaid/Pstpaid/CDMA numbers:

Old Method ( Security Code is required)
  • Open dial pad
  • Dial *422*Security Number*Receipent mobile Number*Amount(Rs)#
  • Thus you can send money from one  NTC to another NTC sim.

New Method for transferring balance in NTC (Using App)
  • Download Nepal Telecom app from playstore or app store.
  • Register/Sign Up and login app with your NTC number that is currently used in phone.
  • Using Nepal Telecom app you can transfer mobile balance to another users very easily. 
  • No security code is required to transfer ntc to ntc app using apps, but you hace to verify transfer with OTP code.

How to transfer balance in Ncell simcard numbers:

  • Open dial pad
  • Dial *17922*Receipent mobile Number*Amount(Rs)#   
  • Reply 1 for the final Verification.
Ncell will charge you Rs. 1.24 for each transfer you have made. Where NTC will not charge any amount.   

Ncell have lunched NCELL APP in 2021 with many features. You can transfer balance from one ncell sim card to another simcard using Ncell App also. 


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