Best Setting for PUBG Mobile Emulator | Play smooth game play in any pc and laptops

Hello guys, in this post I will try to make your PUBG Mobile game play smoother while you are playing from Tencent Emulator. Here are some steps you need to follow.

1. Check your graphics card, directx version, Processor, RAM etc.

The first thing you need to know is which type of graphics is on your device. Laptops donot support external graphics card but for PC/Desktops it can be extended.

To check graphics, go to start bottom type "dxdiag" and open it. Then from 'system' you will know about how many CPUs do your computer have, how faster iy is, your directX version and RAM Memory etc.

In the 'Display' section and check the name, which is your current graphics card and total memory of graphics will also be there.

Graphics category:
Intel (R) Graphics (620, 1080....) - uses CPU
Intel (R) UHD Graphics - uses CPU and GPU both
Nvidia GeForce (650, 1080....) - uses CPU and GPU both

2. Setting for Tencent Emulator based on above no. 1 features:

Now, after you know about your device features mentioned above, you need to open your Tencent Emulator and open Setting.

Basic Setting: No need to change it.


Use OpenGL for low version of Nvidia graphics.
Use OpenGL+ for powerful Nvidia graphics card.
(Tick all option just below it)

DirectX suits for Intel Graphics but dont tick 3rd option just below it (untick prioritize dedicated GPU)

DirectX+ is better for Intel UHD graphics and tick all 4 options just below it.

Anti Aliasing - Close
Memory: Half of your RAM memory. Select Auto only if you have RAM above 12 GB.

Processor: Half of CPU numbers mentined in step 1 above.

Resolution: Select 1024X576 or lesser of available if you have low end PC.

DPI: 120 or 160

Game Resolution: 720p for low end pc
Display Quality: Smooth for low end pc

3. Setting of PUBG Mobile game
Run the PUBG Mobile, then open setting and set the following:
Basic Setting: This setting is your gameplay setting you can choose whatever you are comfortable with.
Graphics settings:
Graphics : Smooth
Frame rate: Extreme
Style doesn't alter.
Anti Aliasing: Disable.
Shadow and brightness donot alter.
Auto Adjust graphics: Disable

Other settings not needed. You can check FPS by clicking show FPS above tencent setting.

4. Cleaning Shader cache:

Go to your drive where tencent is installed. You can also reach quickly by opening file location from right click of tencent shortcut icon on your desktop.
Normally located at:
C:\Program Files\txgameassistant\ui\ShaderCache

and delete all inside Shader Cache.

5. Close all background processes:

If your gameplay lags so much then it can be inhanced someway by closing other background processes like chrome, IDM, adobe application etc. Simply click CTRL+ALT+del at once and open Task Manager and end processes which are not unwanted. Only close the running apps that you recognized like IDM, Chrome etc.

6. Battery setting:
For laptops: Click on battery of your laptop and set it to for Best Performance.
For PC: Go to control pannel>Hardware and sound> power option and set it to High Performance.

If you apply from steps 1-6 above, surely your game will be smoother and lag free. Sometime lag is due to internet speed also.
After all, your PC can be enhanced and your gameplay can be faster.

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