Top Bitcoin Faucets to claim Satoshi everyday and get paid | 100% legit website to earn some BTC everyday

Top Bitcoin Faucets to claim Satoshi everyday and get paid | 100% legit website to claim some BTC everyday

Cryptocurrency craze is increasing globally day by day. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Solana, Zcash, Feyorra, Digibyte etc are some popular cryptocurrencies. Investing on these Cryptocurrencies may or may not give you profits because its prize may increase sharply or may go down instantly. 

So before investing money on Cryptocurrencies, you must be very known to Market and trading system. In Nepal and many countries, for the safety of People's money, Government has not allowed to invest on any cryptocurrencies. 

So in this post, I also don't recommend people to invest money on cryptocurrencies if your country flagged them as illegal. In Nepal, Nepal Rastra bank and Government of Nepal don't allow you to invest money on digital cryptocurrencies, not only this, Nepal has banned to buy, invest and establish the mining machine also. 

However, in many websites we can can do many tasks, watch free aids, claim some coins in time to time and get paid some Satoshi (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC). So in this post, I am going to tell you, how can we earn some bitcoin from some trusted and 100% risk free websites without investing any money and mining. All you need to do is spending some times and get paid instantly in wallet. 

If you are new let's begin from here

A) Create Bitcoin or Crypto Wallet: 

To deposit all your earned bitcoins from many faucets and websites, you need to create Bitcoin wallet first which will be your permanent wallet to send, receive bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There might be lots of trusted wallet till the date, but Blockchain and Coinbase are the most popular and trusted Crypto wallet till the date. 

I recommend you  to create all this 3 wallets first: 

Faucet Pay is new and popular wallet with many faucets connected. You can send Bitcoin  from one to another. Better if you choose Blockchain or Coinbase as your permanent store of bitcoin.  
Save one each of bitcoin receive wallet address from your above wallet websites so that, you can use your address to get paid from many Bitcoin/Crypto faucets. 

B) Bitcoin Claiming/Earning Websites Daily: 

  1. Best Change Faucet:
    On the left side of Best Change  website you will see the BTC Faucet. From Coinbase or Blockchain, copy bitcoin receive address of bitcoin and paste in this wallet and you can claim some satoshi. In it's Faucet you can earn some bitcoins everyday. You can claim 1-100 satoshi once in 60 minute. Once you reach 2000 Satoshi or more, you can request for payment and you will receive bitcoin in your wallet (Blockchain or Coinbase). You can increase earning by referring this faucet to your friends also.  
    Best Change Faucet for Hourly Bitcoin Claim

  2. Best Change Affiliate Program: In the best change website, you can also earn from Affiliate program. Sign up as Best Change Affiliate  and you can earn money by referring more and more friends. You can add bitcoin address as your withdrawal account. You can withdraw money to your wallet after you earn minimal of 1$. 

    You need Faucet Pay Bitcoin Address for following Free Claiming bitcoin Faucet Website
  3. BitStar Claim BTC (No Sign up required) 
  4. Claimlite Club (No sign up required) 
  5. Coinshub (No sign up required)
  6. FreeClaimFaucet (sign up required) 
  7. Claimbit (Sign up/Claim and withdraw in your any BTC address)
  8. CoinPayu (Sign up/Claim and withdraw in your any BTC address)
  9. Updating more 

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