How to check your NTC/NCell/Smart Cell Sim Number Easily ?

How to check your NTC/NCell/Smart Cell Number Easily ? 

Sometime you may forget Mobile number of  yours,  Or your parents and relatives may forget their phone number. We usually do miscall when we want to know and save the phone / sim card number.  But when you or your friends do not know own number and there is no balance to give miscall, you can check mobile number of Nepal Telecom, Ncell or Smart Cell very easily by following methods. 

How to check your NTC Sim Card phone number
  • Dial *9# from Dial pad or key pad. 
  • Your number will be appear on Screen as MSISDN: 98XXXXXXXX
  • Save or Remember this number. 
If this step does not work in CDMA or Landline phone, you can dial 1415 and follow instructions  and contact operator. 
  • Call 1415
  • Press 1 for Nepali Language
  • Press 0 for operator help

    This call is free of cost.  
How to check your Ncell Sim Card phone number and Age of NCell Sim Card
  • Dial *103# or
  • Dial *903#
  • Your sim card age (Bought date and Age Duration) and Ncell number will be pop out in the screen
  • Save or memorize the number. 
You can dial 900 to get operator help if you want to know more things. 

How to check your Smart Cell Number?
  • Open Dial pad or Keypad
  • Dial *134# and call 
  • Your Smart Cell phone number will be appear on screen
  • Save or memorize the number.
If you need any help please contact me by filling contact form in the bottom of this page. 

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