Ukraine defense: Many Russian Planes, Helicopters and Battled Armored Machines destroyed - Live Count

Ukraine Armed Force have just published the total loss of enemies (Russia) in the Russia invasion of Ukraine. Russia has started attacking since 24 February 2022 and till 28 February today, Ukraine's defense line also seems good. 

Here is the publication of Armed Forces of Ukraine stating Russia's Losses in Ukraine: 
(Dated: 2022.02.24 to 2022.03.06)

Planes/Aircraft: 44 
Helicopter: 48
Battle Armored Machines/ APV: 985
Cannon: 74
Tanks: 285
Artillery Systems: 109
Anti Aircraft Warfare Systems: 21
ZRK Buk: 1
RSZV BM-21 "City: 1
MLRS: 50
Automotive /Vehicles: 447 
Fuel Tanks: 60
UAV Operational and tactical level GPA: 4 
Ships/boat: 2
Air Defense Tools: 5
Death Count: 11,000+ Approximately. 

Last updated on March 6, 2022

Armed Forces of Ukraine have also requested their people to unite together so that they can punch out their enemy from their home.

Source: Armed Force of Ukraine


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  1. By "Tanks 60" You probably had "Tank-cars 60" in mind. Slava Ukraini!


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If you need anything to ask, Comment below:

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