What is Google Adsense ? | Advertisers vs Publishers | How does Google Adsense work?

What is Google Adsense? | Advertisers vs Publishers | How does Google Adsense work?

Google Adsense is the top CPC (Cost-Per-Click) program to make money from your products such as Websites, Blog, Word Press, Youtube, Apps etc. If you are very creative towards these things then Google will pay you for your passion and time. Basically, Google Adsense work as the medium role between the Advertisers and Publishers.

Introduction of Google Adsense | Advertisers vs Publishers 

The advertisers are those who promote their businesses, companies, and products for huge or large scale of revenue. For example: if I am the owner of  'Cosmos College' then I will pay some money to newspapers, televisions, radio or other platforms as an advertisement of my college so as to attract more students. Then I will get great income if many students join my college. Mainly, Advertisers are those who spend little and get high profit. Google Adsense is a platform likewise newspapers, radio, and televisions etc and works as a mediator between Advertisers and Publishers.

The publishers are those who work under Google Adsense guide and promote the business of Advertisers. The spent money from Advertiser is divided by certain ratio to the Adsense Company and the Publishers. Google Adsense control the system and publishers publish their own products, Sites, Youtube Videos, Apps. While visitors visit the publisher's products, Advertiser's products are shared by Adsense on publishers products. Finally, the total impression on the ads is converted into revenue which is shared between Adsense and the publishers. Generally, Google Adsense take only 32% of revenue and Publishers get 68% of revenue given by advertisers.

Can you be a Publisher?

You have read the above differences between advertisers and publishers. If you want to invest money and get back high profit from your products then you can be an advertiser also. But it is not good to be an advertiser unless you are finding the way of converting your advertisement into money. So being a publisher is an easy work than being an advertiser. To be a publisher you just to have your products like websites, blog spots, Wordpress,  apps, youtube channels etc. So try to bring more visitors on your products, when the mass of people come to visit, monetize with Adsense and they will see the advertisements and you will be paid for this impressive clicks.

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